Last day of Worldcon 76 (aka having fun is funnier than blogging)

OK, a quick update of two days. Saturday meant a panel on fan funds which Janice Gelb was nice enough to moderate as the con had not given us a moderator. We discussed DUFF, TAFF, GUFF, and the new Chinese fan exchange programme (which is a fairer description that ”fan funds”). Very interesting to hear what the Chinese are doing.

I also went to a panel about John W Campbell where we were told both interesting things about Campbell and some amusing anecdotes. Astrid and Greg Bear was on the panel, with Bob Silverberg, Stanley Schmidt and Joe Haldeman. Only Silverberg and Schmidt had actually been working with Campbell themselves, but Astrid remembered some of her father’s interactions with Campbell and both Greg and Joe had sold to Analog in the years after Campbell’s days there. It was moderated by Alec Nevala-Lee, who has written a biography of Campbell that’s slated to appear in October.

Then there were room parties. DC in 2021, BASFA, Furry Social, Worldcon in France, and everywhere you meet Regina Kanyu Wang and her Chinese friends. My home base was and remained the Worldcon 75 Kiitos party, though.

Sunday saw me at the business meeting (not intentionally!) watching New Zealand being announced as the winners in the site selection for Worldcon 2020, and a very emotional Norman Cates thanked everyone and showed a video. The fan fund auction went really well. We sold for $1,982! The highlights were a tuckerization for a book by för Kevin J Anderson but a tuckerization for a book by David Gerrold and a signed, numbered and lettered first edition of Tuf Voyaging by George RR Martin also fetched handsome sums. Chris Garcia and Joel Zakem were the main auctioneers. Older fanzines sold well. However, we had ginormous amounts of things left, that we have to figure out what to do with. A big thank you to Janice Gelb and Sarah Gulde who helped out.

Then it was the Hugos. They were fun, but I’ll talk more about that some other time. Time for breakfast and the con.

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