The con is afoot

On Wednesday, Sten and I took the car to the Morgan Hill/Gilroy area south of San José, because Gilroy is the home town for Sarah, one of my friends in Uppsala, and I thought it would be fun to see the place. Gilroy is mostly known for garlic and wine, but we stayed off the garlic and went to a couple of wineries instead, Kirigin Cellars and Sycamore Creek Vineyards. Both were nice and friendly places and served good wine. We bought eight bottles between the two of us.

In the evening we went to a garden party hosted by Mike Ward and Karen Schaffer, a combined pre-Worldcon and birthday party. Lots of people in a gorgeous house and garden, brimfull of interesting conversations.

Thursday morning was the first day of Worldcon 76, the goal for this whole trip. This also means that this blog is getting close to its end. When I arrived, I realised that I had actually been booked in for six nights, not five that I had somehow believed, and that check-in was supposed to have been yesterday. That did not create any problems, I was relieved to find out. The front desk receptionist even looked at me and upgraded me to a room with a larger bed, for better sleep comfort. Not that I think that the original bed would have been a problem. That was excellent service. However, getting the wifi to work was a nightmare. Why don’t they just give you free wifi without complicated and error-prone procedures?

Registration went smoothly, and a panel on international fandom I was on was hopefully instructive for the audience. I got to meet Cy Chauvin, who I had ”met” in Stipple-APA and could say hi to him from an old friend of his I had met in Minneapolis.

The opening ceremony was long, over an hour, but fun, and I’m not saying this just because the con hade decided to support the fan funds by introducing the fan fund delegates after the GoHs. Probably my only appearance ever in a Worldcon Opening Ceremony. John Picacio read a statement on behalf of the SF/F writing community attacking Trump for the separation of immigrant families at the border, which was met with much applause.

The rest of the day was sent with friends at dinner, in the bar and at room parties.

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