Red woods and white balls

The day before yesterday began with Lucy and Fia coming to pick up me and Sten and we went up into the woods, to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. These trees were impressive. We have some mighty and huge trees back home, but these were, uhmmm, larger? Uppsala Cathedral is taller if you include the towers, but not by much. The trunks were interesting at the bottom. The largest trees formed virtual caves that you could climb into; if we had been hobbits we would have settled there and then and started to build fences to keep the Big Folk out, and think about growing mushrooms. A picturesque river flowed through the park and there was a railway with a steam locomotive pulling a train full of enthusiastic tourists.


After a detour to Santa Cruz, Lucy dropped me and Sten off and we went to attend the weekly meetng of the Bay Area SF Association, a group whose meetings are slightly different from those of our local groups back home. I like diversity. Friendly folks, all round.

Yesterday it was up and away to San Francisco. Sten and I picked up Fia in San Bruno and went to tick off the tourist boxes Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf with Pier 39, and Borderlands Books. Later in the day, Lucy and John took us to Oakland Coliseum, where Rich McAllister had bought tickets for us because he felt we needed to watch a real baseball match, being in the US.


Oakland Athletics took on Seattle Mariners in a game that was important because both teams are hovering around the playoff line in the series. The A’s won by 3 to 2. Allen Baum and Tom Becker tried to explain the finer details of what happened on the field, but I have a nagging feeling that some of those details escaped me. But viewed as a game of brännboll, it was highly entertaining and the beer and the food was good. Just like people used to go to the opera back in the day to be seen, not to see, much of the fun revolved around the outing itself, not necessarily just around the game. Well, I guess soccer hooligans feel the same. Nobody was hurt this time, though, except a Mariners fielder who got a ball on his arm early in the game. Allen took us back again afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Red woods and white balls

  1. I can understand the allure of brännboll when you’re like, part of the game, and we certainly had fun playing it with the kids at W75, but to go and pay money and see it played professionally? No thanks. But then I hardly go see any sports anyway, except sometimes track and field on tv. But now our tv (well, digital box) remote has decided to end its life, so regular channels are a bother to watch right now (we can manage it via an app, but it’s very suboptimal).

    The trees would be more interesting, I think.

    Give my best to Sten and Evan!


  2. Baseball is one of my three main favorite sports: the others are ice hockey and soccer (well, we Americans call it that; that rest of the world calls it football). I am glad you enjoyed the game and the atmosphere, which is the whole part. It is even better when your team wins. Have a great time at the Worldcon starting tomorrow, Johan!


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