A treatise on glass, otters and cedars

I stayed in Seattle for two more days. On Friday, after breakfasting with me at the Hangar Cafe right under the inflight path to the airport, Hal and Ulrika took me to Seattle Center, where the 1962 World’s Fair was held, and left me in the tender care of Suzle Tompkins and Jerry Kaufman. They asked me what I wanted to do and as I had set my sights on the Chihuly Garden even before I set off on my trip, after having read some rave reviews on the net, that’s what I said. We went there and I do not regret it. Together with the Niagara Falls and the Special Collections at the Cushing Library at A&M University in Texas, this was the most spectacular thing I’ve seen during the trip. That it’s even possible to create such works of art in glass boggles the mind.


After that visual treat we went to the adjacent MoPop and saw their exhibitions of science fiction and fantasy. And the small Hall of Fame exhibitions with memorabilia connected to the professionals in the field who have been inducted into their Hall of Fame. Stuff like Asimov’s typewriter and the moving letter Alice Sheldon sent to Joanna Russ where she admitted that she was James Tiptree, Jr.

Yesterday, my trusted guides Hal and Ulrika took a day off the deal with other things that needed to be done in time for Worldcon, so I explored Seattle by myself, which meant Woodland Zoo. I spent three hours there, but my nice little Sony RX100 mk III, which has stood me in good stead, was not the camera you want in a zoo.

In the evening, I was picked up by Hal and Ulrika and we went to a party at Andrew Hooper and Carrie Root’s, organised so that I could meet more Seattle fans. I think we were sixteen fans there and I had interesting discussions about languages and fanhistory among other things. I was especially glad to meet with the rest of the Chunga team as I had only met Randy Byers before. Of course, now Andy and Carl are the entire Chunga team. But it was a generally good party with intelligent and entertaining fans. It kept going until half past one.


Today, Sunday I have spent five hours in an airplane, of which less than two were actually in the air. Some obscure problem with maintenance of a strap that I never understood delayed us by over two hours. But now I am in San Jose, at Sten and Evan Thaning’s (and their dog Lucky!), and it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow Redwoods await us!

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