The US is pretty large

Yes, rather a large country. The flight from Houston to Seattle took 4.5 hours.

Wednesday morning meant a grand farewell to John, Val, Duckie and all the cats, especially Theodorable, who seemed to have taken a liking to me. John took me to the shuttle bus station and in no time at all I was at Houston Intercontinental Airport again. I had time to eat a delicious meal of blackened catfish and to admire George Bush the elder. It’s a good thing that democratic countries don’t put up ridiculous hero-worship statues like they do in shithole countries.


The flight was delayed due to a thunderstorm, but otherwise it went OK. At Seattle-Tacoma Airport Luke and Julie McGuff waited for me just outside the arrival gate, which meant that I promptly marched past them, not expecting to meet them until after I had claimed my baggage. They took me to Vonda McIntyre’s house, for I had been promised by Vonda that I could sleep in her basement guest apartment, and there I was promptly installed. After an evening snack I went to bed.

This marks halfway through my TAFF trip.

Today Thursday I was picked up by Hal and Ulrika O’Brien. We ate luch at the famous Ivar’s Salmon House and went to the Nordic Museum, which tells both the story of the Nordic countries (slightly compressed, one can say) and the story of Nordic settlers in the Pacific Northwest.


The day ended with a pub gathering at Brouwer’s Pub in Fremont that gathered ten fans, and afterwards a sightseeing stroll through Fremont to where I am staying, guided by Will Affleck-Ash, Kate Schaefer and Glenn Hackney. In quite a small area of Seattle, they have a space rocket, Vladimir Lenin, and a huge Bridge Troll. If this isn’t a mark of sophistication, I don’t know what is.

6 thoughts on “The US is pretty large

    1. The basement in her house is part guest apartment, part garage, and part storage for Clarion West, and she sometimes lets local fans or visitors stay in the guest apartment, so yes, sort of. She’s away travelling now, but she was here to meet and greet when I arrived. She’s a kind person.


  1. Very happy to hear you made it safe and sound to Seattle, Johan. I knew the fans up there would treat you right. Enjoy your stay, and say hello to everyone for me.


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