Sine qua non

I and John left Austin yesterday after a wee stroll through town, during which I bought physical artifacts with music for the first time in I don’t know how many years, but if there is a good record store, I say let’s support it. And Waterloo Records in Austin is that store.

We then took the 71 out of town and stopped by the Berdoll Pecan Candy store, so that we could take photos of ourselves standing by the gigantic squirrel statue they have there.


We bought some candy as well. The evening ended with grilled burgers and a reunion with my trusted companion Ducky, John and Valerie’s dog.

Today Tuesday we went to the Cushing Memorial Library at Texas A&M University here in College Station, which houses one of the finer special collections of science fiction in the world. John had asked the curator, Jeremy Brett, to show us the stacks. Which he did. Boy oh boy. They have, among other things, a Shakespeare Second Folio, the Kelmscott Chaucer, a Hobbit first edition, a Don Quijote first edition* and a bunch of other fantastic books and related stuff. Among these was the first issue of this magazine, without which I would not be sitting here in Texas writing this blog post:


Isn’t that, erhm, pardon me, amazing?

*Purportedly, they have the largest collection of Cervantes in the world.

5 thoughts on “Sine qua non

  1. Don’t try to bring that squirrel back; it’s considered an invasive species here. And it’d play merry hell with your baggage allowance.

    That library tour really sounds like something!


  2. The Cushing SF collection has a complete run of not only Amazing Stories, but also the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and other pulps. The collection now holds over 40,000 catalogued items, with a bunch more still to be unboxed and sorted.


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