We’re not in Kansas anymore, Chloe

I’m in my room at Armadillocon now. The flight from Minneapolis went without a stitch, the stitches I had instead to put in my trouser pocket yesterday morning before we left for the con, because pockets with holes in them are muchly impractical. I took the shuttle bus to College Station where I was met by Valerie and John, who held up a sign with my name on it and a very Swedish chef. A picture will come later, I promise. I was fed and we talked until after midnight. They looked at my height and gave me their own bed to sleep in, which I think is record-breaking kindness.

Yesterday, after a brief sightseeing around College Station, we packed the car and went off. When we arrived at the hotel I had occasion to rue that I left the passport in College Station, because the hotel receptionist wanted an ID. They were happy with John vouching for me, though, as he was the one who had made the booking.


So far I’ve been to a couple of panels, met Carolina Gómez, and talked to people in the con suite. Now it’s a new day at the con, let’s see what it will bring!

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