A day of rest

I’m in Minneapolis now. After the jam-packed days in Toronto, things have slowed down a bit. Today was meant to be an outing down Mississippi, but a couple of health-related issues put a stop to that, unfortunately. (Not mine, I’m fine, but Joyce had to make an emergency dental appointment and the person who offered to take me instead had to take his wife to hospital instead. She seems to be fine, though.)

I have spent the day walking around a bit, including getting a SIM card so that I can use my phone also when I’m not using wifi. If you need my number, comment below. I posted it to Facebook as well. Then I and Joyce went to eat, and I must say that whoever came up with the notion of crossing pan pizza with shepherd’s pie and Dutch pannekoeken was a genius.

2 thoughts on “A day of rest

  1. Days of rests while travelling are a good thing, whether inadvertent or not, but I don’t know if you had something planned like that later on. Of course, if the outing was to be lounging on a riverboat in sensible weather, then that could be pretty restful, I imagine. Lounging outside all day back here in Sweden right now would be more likely to give you heatstrike.


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