Yesterday was another fine day in Toronto. More overcast, and the temperature was more like 25° C, but fine by me. After weeks of heat in Sweden I’m fine with lower temperatures and besides, I’m going to Texas on Thursday. Diane collected me at Catherine and Colin’s at eleven and we walked down to the Bata Shoe Museum. It was a treat! The first couple of floors were historical and regional exhibitions, taking the visitor from Ötzi the Iceman to the Lunar landing, and from the African kingdoms of yore to the Sami and Inuits in the north. And the top floor was a temporary exhibition of the shoes of Manolo Blahník and it was fabulous.


After that we took the subway (mostly) to the Black Creek Pioneer Village, which is an open air heritage museum of English Canada in the 1850s. We sampled a few beers from their brewery operated on 19th Century principles and looked at the houses they had gathered there. A very Skansen-like experience for a Swede. My favourite was the printshop.

In the evening, Catherine and Colin threw a TAFF party that gathered some 15+ Toronto fans, some that I had met two nights earlier and some new acquaintances. It kept going until 1:30 AM. A great crowd, Toronto fandom. A huge thank you to Catherine and Colin who let me stay with them and their three cats, and to Diane Lacey who spent two entire days with me showing me a small fraction of all that Toronto has to offer.

Now it’s time for Minneapolis. I sit at the airport, having cleared US Pre-Immigration.

2 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. Oh, to be able to walk in your shoes at some time. (Though checking, it’s within the realm of possibility.) And having Skansen brewing bheer and printing fanzines sounds like a capital idea!


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