North America!

Well, Keflavik airport on Iceland, at least. 12° C and overcast, a drastic change to Sweden the last month or so, and decidedly different from what I’ll experience in North America, too. Perhaps I will break my personal heat record in Texas? I’ve never been anywhere where it’s been more than 40° C (104 F) – in Rome and Budapest, respectively. We’ll see.

Everything’s been great so far, comfortable seat, Heinlein book quite readable (and it contains ink stains, or maybe mimeo ink stains? I wonder who the previous owner was). Several SF movies in the inflight entertainment, among them Moon. I didn’t watch any, but as I’m on the moon right now in the Heinlein book, it made me think about how much SF there is everywhere today. And what Heinlein would have said if he had known that we haven’t been back to the moon since he died.

OK, chicken sandwich eaten. Time to find the gate for the flight to Toronto. Next post, I’ll be in Canada.

2 thoughts on “North America!

  1. Cool (in both senses of the term)! I read a few Heinlein shorts during my NoFF trip as well, in his *The Green Hills of Earth* collection (that I believe I bought from you, or at least the book store that you host for fandom). Their age shows more than a bit, but I can understand how the title short story became such a classic. I appreciated “The Long Watch” too, but then I compare it with Sturgeon’s “Thunder and Roses”, and the latter is such a masterpiece it leaves Heinlein’s story in the dust.


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