Countdown: D minus 16

So, just under sixteen days until I’m Orff.

I have a packing list. It contains esoteric items such as “Christina Lake’s Eastercon GoH collection fanzine for John”; “the ‘Specially Hand Made Propeller Beanie Fashioned by the Elder Ghoddess’ that Doris Beetam made for all members of Slanapa in the 1970s,” complete with a letter of provenance from Lisa Tuttle; as well as more down-to earth items like “Remember to shave before going!” and “tea bags just in case”. The beanie is intended for the TAFF auction in San Jose. It came with Lisa over to Europe when she relocated here all those years ago, and will be going home to the States now to find a new owner.

Slan-APA beanie

My first stop on the trip is Toronto and Toronto fandom. I will stay with Catherine Crockett and Colin Hinz, and Murray Moore has promised to take me to the Niagara Falls, which has to be considered as something that is on anyone’s bucket list, whether they realised it or not. I’m not sure I realised it before the offer, but never in my life would I turn that down!

I’m also going to see the famous Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy, which I find it difficult to say how much I am looking forward to.

Merril Collection logo

And, needless to say, I hope to meet as many Toronto fans as possible.

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